Providence :)

Niya and Serenity 🙂

Years ago my friend, Jan, and I met while fostering for the ‘agency’. We only saw each other occasionally at training, but God had something else in mind. As He moved my heart with The Alex Project, He was moving in Jan’s as well. Both of us, along with our friends Donna and Caryl, had long dry spells with no babies to minister to-which was part of the process that eventually led Jan (and the rest of us who followed) to foster for the state. Niya was Jan’s third placement- she was a newborn from another state with a heart problem that was going to require surgery. Jan and her husband Bill were uncertain about the medical situation, but were certain they were supposed to foster Niya. That was 6 years ago. Today, Niya is their daughter: a healthy happy little girl who loves to sing and dance and keep things in order! Jan and Bill had already raised two grown sons and were well into their 50’s when God laid on their hearts that Niya was to be the daughter they never had! Niya and Serenity are 11 months apart and go to the same school. What an incredible gift that God in His providence has not only brought them together, but is allowing Jan and I (and our husbands) to share the adoption experience and raise our daughters together.
Serenity and Niya at their Dance Recital this week 🙂

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The 3rd Annual Disney Extravaganza! :)

I’m calmed down a bit since yesterday’s post-and thought I’d give a little insight into what brought on my ‘sermon’. This past Saturday was our adoption coalition’s annual Disney Extravaganza. When I became co-chair of the coalition I learned that the adoption unit had an annual picnic to bring together available children and potential adoptive parents. Honestly I wasn’t crazy about that venue…it just sort of felt like ‘shopping’ to me. But, I thought if we had to do it- we would do it big and fun and for the kids. So began the Disney Extravaganza. It is a huge event that this year boasted 22 booths representing 18 churches-each booth with a Disney Theme (ie Cinderella’s Cupcake Castle, Lilo’s Luau Limbo, Sleeping Beauty’s Sweet Shoppe, Ariel’s Fishing Fantasy, Goofy’s Golf, Pluto’s Flamin’ Hot Dogs, Dumbo’s Drinks, Mickey and Minnie’s Photo Op Shoppe, Belle’s Beauty Shop, Hannah Montana’s Glamorama, Mr. Incredible’s Quarterback Test, Simba’s Striking Hut, High School Musical Karaoke, etc.) The above picture is of my 2 daughters (Cara in the middle with the curly hair and Serenity aka Snow White) along with 2 of Cara’s best friends (Hannah and Katelyn) in front of their booth. The Disney Extravaganza is great fun for the kids and such a blessing for all of us who get to be involved.

But, it is also hard. Saturday, two different situations got my attention. The first was a sibling group that have a special place in my heart. They are all under 8 and have been in care for 2 years, but have NO family. I don’t get it. The second was a boy named Kevan. I had the privilege of driving him to his Heart Gallery Photo Shoot almost 2 years ago. He was a doll- so respectful, so grateful and so hopeful for a family….but there was Kevan wearing the green (‘I’m available for adoption’) wristband. Broke my heart. And got me thinking and blogging. There are over 600 churches in our county alone and 500 children in our entire state that are available for adoption. If one family, just one, from every church adopted one child-our state would have no waiting children. I know it is not as simple as that, but it does make you stop and think that if God’s people really stood up and were counted, the system would take notice, and children would find permanence. What an incredible blessing that would be!

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Put up or shut up.

There I said it. I said a ‘cuss word’ on my blog. Okay, so it’s not an ‘official’ cuss word, but it’s on the fictious list called “Christie’s cuss words” that I tout to my kids when words like shut up or s-t-u-p-i-d are uttered. Granted, by the worlds’ standards those words are pretty mild, but personally I HATE curse words-and even disrespectful words, for that matter.

Anyway, now I’ve gone and said one myself. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Put up or shut up.

It is time for the Christian community to do just that about lots of things. It is time for us to put up or shut up regarding foster children. It is time for the 500+ children in the state of Arkansas and the 130,000 children in the United States of America to quit languishing in foster care and find forever families. It is time that we put aside everything that is keeping us from stepping up to the plate, and step out in faith. It is time for the world to see more than a poster touting our views on abortion and sees us in the throws of the 24/7 that IS adoption. It is time for risk-taking and soul-searching and fact-finding and life-living. It is time that we-the Body of Christ- are more than just words…that we are the hair-combing, wound-binding, hand-holding, shoulder-bearing hands and feet of our Savior to children who, through no fault of their own, wind up in a system that sometimes could really care less. My heart is just so heavy tonight….it is time we put up or shut up. Really.

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My precious husband! :)

I have to give the Lord glory for a huge praise in the life of my family this week. Jeff had a heart cath yesterday morning which resulted in him having to have 2 stents put in to 2 blocked arteries. This is my husband who (until this point) had never been in the hospital and has been so healthy. He has a terrible family history of heart disease and about a week ago started having some intermittent chest pain. He went to the doctor who subsequently sent him to a cardiologist who in turn, with great discernment skipped the prelims and went straight to the heart cath. I am SO grateful! Jeff spent last night in the hospital and got to come home this morning. He has to lay low for a couple of days and then should be back to his normal routine (with an added diet/exercise regimen!) I cannot tell you how thankful I am that ‘my man’ is recovering!! 🙂

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