The 3rd Annual Disney Extravaganza! :)

I’m calmed down a bit since yesterday’s post-and thought I’d give a little insight into what brought on my ‘sermon’. This past Saturday was our adoption coalition’s annual Disney Extravaganza. When I became co-chair of the coalition I learned that the adoption unit had an annual picnic to bring together available children and potential adoptive parents. Honestly I wasn’t crazy about that venue…it just sort of felt like ‘shopping’ to me. But, I thought if we had to do it- we would do it big and fun and for the kids. So began the Disney Extravaganza. It is a huge event that this year boasted 22 booths representing 18 churches-each booth with a Disney Theme (ie Cinderella’s Cupcake Castle, Lilo’s Luau Limbo, Sleeping Beauty’s Sweet Shoppe, Ariel’s Fishing Fantasy, Goofy’s Golf, Pluto’s Flamin’ Hot Dogs, Dumbo’s Drinks, Mickey and Minnie’s Photo Op Shoppe, Belle’s Beauty Shop, Hannah Montana’s Glamorama, Mr. Incredible’s Quarterback Test, Simba’s Striking Hut, High School Musical Karaoke, etc.) The above picture is of my 2 daughters (Cara in the middle with the curly hair and Serenity aka Snow White) along with 2 of Cara’s best friends (Hannah and Katelyn) in front of their booth. The Disney Extravaganza is great fun for the kids and such a blessing for all of us who get to be involved.

But, it is also hard. Saturday, two different situations got my attention. The first was a sibling group that have a special place in my heart. They are all under 8 and have been in care for 2 years, but have NO family. I don’t get it. The second was a boy named Kevan. I had the privilege of driving him to his Heart Gallery Photo Shoot almost 2 years ago. He was a doll- so respectful, so grateful and so hopeful for a family….but there was Kevan wearing the green (‘I’m available for adoption’) wristband. Broke my heart. And got me thinking and blogging. There are over 600 churches in our county alone and 500 children in our entire state that are available for adoption. If one family, just one, from every church adopted one child-our state would have no waiting children. I know it is not as simple as that, but it does make you stop and think that if God’s people really stood up and were counted, the system would take notice, and children would find permanence. What an incredible blessing that would be!

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  1. I look around at my church so often and think the same thing. How can my husband and I be the only ones who hear the call of the orphan. I hear godly people say they only have to meet the needs that they actually come in contact with–but does that mean that God doesn’t want West Little Rock to help the rest of the world, because we’ve never come in contact with them? Of course not! I’ve heard people say that they want to “mess up” with their own children first before they bring a foster or adopted child into their home, as if somehow their doing these children a favor by waiting an indefinite amount of time. It frustrates me, and sometimes I wish I had a sharper tongue. I listen patiently when sometimes I need to call out the lies. We are a selfish society, and we have forgotten the most important things. The only way to gain life is to give it away!

  2. Heartbreaking… truly heartbreaking. Here in Monticello we have probably more churches per sq. mi. than any other place in AR… and only 10 foster homes. TEN. In our entire county!! What gives?!

    I actually have had a great opportunity through our DHS foster classes to talk to a young pastor and his wife, they are looking to adopt. I asked him if he’d ever preached a sermon about fostering or taking in orphans.. or if he’d ever heard one. He said ‘no.’ I hope he’ll prepare one… I don’t understand how we can hear so much about premarital sex and abortion being wrong, without hearing equally as much about how ignoring the hurting children’s needs is also wrong. I don’t get it.. I really don’t.

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