Seven years ago today…..

…Caroline Serenity Erwin legally and officially became our daughter. After 3 years and 4 months in our home, on February 12, 2008, she left the courthouse with a new name and we all left with a new life. To say that we are grateful that God has entrusted us with this beautiful, feisty, compassionate (now 11 year old girl), is an understatement. We are grateful for who she is (all of who she is) and who she will become. We are praying that God will use Serenity to change the world. Here’s what I wrote on the day her adoption was finalized:

____February 12, 2008: Well, today was the day! Today was the culmination of three years, four months and six days of waiting, wondering, praying and hoping. Today brought to an end a record-breaking birthing process that was filled with complications. But, as is the case with most birthing experiences, once the child arrives, you forget the complications! Although she was birthed in our hearts a long time ago, today marked the day that Caroline Serenity Erwin was officially “born.” Today brought an end to a mountain of frustrations and brought with it a calming voice that whispered to me “no one can ever take her away again!” As our daughter slid under the pews in the courtroom, I stood in awe of a heavenly Father who makes a way for His children, a Father for whom no detail is too small, no dream too big. Today, like the other four days on which my children were born, is a day I will never forget; a day that will define the rest of my life, a day I embrace with joy, peace and intense gratitude for a little girl that entered our lives for a moment, and gets to stay for a lifetime.”  Excerpt from “The Middle Mom”:

Serenity one-year-old 002

Serenity- February 2015

Serenity- February 2015

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