Hopelessness is something that we have all felt at one time or another. Honestly, I cannot imagine the hopelessness that permeates the entire foster care experience for hurting kids. Unless we ourselves have lived it, there is no way to internalize the angst and fear and trauma that living life as a ‘foster child’ brings.

I received a message this morning that suddenly took me to a place of brokenness and tears. It was a message from an adoptive father about his child. It was a message of hope and redemption; of struggle and victory, of passion, compassion and power. It was a message of encouragement and a battle cry to continue the fight. It was a message of change. It was a message about hearing and obeying; about getting out of your comfort zone and getting your hands dirty on behalf of a vulnerable children who’s only hope may be ‘us’.

This message did something else… brought strength to my heart and resolve to my soul to keep fighting, to keep praying, to keep pushing and to never ever give up until we reach zero.

And so, today, will you pray with me for 12 year old Cody? Pray that God will allow someone to see his photo and be moved to action on his behalf. #shootinforzero #nomorewaiting #justtakesone


CodyW (1)

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  1. I would love to help this kid, how can I inquire. We are in the process of getting licensed for adoption.

    • You would need to be an open and approved family with a current home study! 🙂 Once you are open, please email me at and I will be happy to put you in touch with Cody’s adoption specialist! You can also see the entire Heart Gallery at
      Thanks so much!
      Christie 🙂

  2. Is this heart gallery (Project Zero) available? The web page isn’t coming up. Also is Cody still available for adoption?

  3. Love one- Yes he is still available! I’m not sure why I’m just now seeing your comment- so sorry! Our website is up and running- you can email us at 🙂

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