One powerful thing about the beautiful photographs that dot the panels of our heart gallery is that you cannot walk away from them and refuse to believe there are parent-less children in our own back yard. You cannot look into the faces of these kids without thinking about your own children and internalizing the deep hopelessness that comes with having the ‘world’ know you need a family.
The reality is even harder than that. We are in a battle. We a fighting for the very lives and futures of vulnerable kids with no voice. But the bottom line is that many of them choose not to be adopted; they have had enough of the ‘system parent’ and are ready to break free and try life on their own terms. I firmly believe that they cannot know the long term effects of that decision; to be alone without support, nurture or guidance. What can we expect when they have been bounced from place to place; from home to home with a simple phone call, when no one and nothing is permanent in their lives? How can we ask them to understand the importance of a family when they have never had a functioning family to call their own?

And I wonder what the fact that we have over 100,000 kids/youth waiting in foster care in the United States says to those kids/youth about the church, about God, about His power and provision.What is it going to take to wake up the body of Christ in a way that no one can explain; definitive, impenetrable, ruthless and undaunted; on a mission that won’t rest until every single child has a family?

We cannot look the other way. We cannot wait for someone else to do it. We cannot cross our fingers, cast a broad prayer and hope that things work out. We have got to put our hands to the good work, lay our hearts on the line, take a risk that will cost and think outside the box. The longer we put off our James 1:27 command, the longer a child has to wait. There is just no other way to say it.  A remnant can’t do this job; it’s going to take an army. I believe that the God of angel armies is calling, entreating His people to stand up, denounce selfishness, throw off procrastination and bury apathy. It’s time for all of us to ask boldly what our part is and then quickly obey. I know we will be blown away by the blessings that come as a result of our obedience and compassion!HGG_25

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