Maybe sometimes you don’t need to pray about it.

As Jeff and I were talking tonight, he mentioned something our pastor said this morning at the men’s prayer breakfast. He was alluding to Henry Blackaby’s teaching that ‘when God is doing something, you just need to get in on it!’ (my paraphrase!) There are some things that God just says ‘do’. I started thinking about that statement as it pertains to the fatherless, to modern day orphans around the world and in our own backyards.

Why would we need to pray about meeting the needs of orphans? Why would we linger and languish over God’s will and plan for these precious ones? Why would we beg Him to speak to us about what we should do, when He has already written it out in black and white. “Pure and undefiled religion is this; to visit widows and orphans in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” James 1:27

Sure we may need clarification as to what that verse looks like in our individual lives. We may need to pray about certain children or situations or to intercede on behalf of the system, but the command is there and it’s up to us to obey or ignore. I wonder how many times I have used the excuse ‘I need to pray about it’ when the answer is crystal clear. Could it be that our spirituality is getting in the way of our service and our obedience and our passion and our life-change? Could it be that we sometimes complicate things that are so incredibly simple?

When it comes to waiting kids, maybe it’s time to hear the Father’s command and heed it. Maybe He’s waiting on us to act on what He has already told us to do. And then, when we do, He will bless us beyond anything we could imagine and confirm in us His good and perfect will for our lives and the lives of precious children.

Just thinkin’……



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  1. Christy – Amen! Thank you for the taking the time to share your heart. It is a message so many need to hear…

  2. Amen, Amen & AMEN!!!

  3. It’s interesting because I believe a lot of people read that verse as “care about the widows and the orphans” instead of “care for the widows and the orphans.” Consequently, we have a lot of Christians empathizing with their plight, but taking no action.

    You can’t empathize away the lack of a family though.

  4. Thankyou so much!!! I have used this, and have friends who have used the “I need to pray about it” like a motto! I so agree because we will spend so much time praying (about things God has already clearly told us to do) that we will never act! You put it in such good words.

  5. I love that verse in James because it just cuts right through all of the excuses that I can make. It is true we as believers tend to rely on “praying” to get out of conviction. Lord, help me be more open. Thanks for sharing.

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