Don’t waste the ‘wait’.

I talk to a lot of foster and adoptive moms. ALOT. There is something about being in this ‘sisterhood’ that binds us in ways that are hard to explain. We just seem to ‘get’ each other. There is comfort in knowing that another human being understands the heights of joy and depths of despair that define foster care and adoption.

There are so many characteristics of the process that foster and adoptive mothers share. One of the hardest begins with a ‘W’ and ends with an ‘ing’: Waiting. Waiting has got to be the thorn in the flesh of adoptive parents (especially) around the world. Just hearing the word sends chills up the spine, brings tears to the eyes, causes the heart rate to climb and the breathing to become shallow. Waiting is hard. Waiting is relentless. Waiting is uncomfortable and frustrating. Waiting is hard to understand and grates on our nerves. Waiting is inactive and seems inefficient. Waiting is powerless.

But what if waiting could be something else? What if in our waiting, we found out more about who we are and who God is? What if in the waiting, bonds were build and lessons were learned and strength was gained? What if because of the waiting our hearts were filled with love and awe at the provision once it came?

God has a plan for the ‘wait’. He is never early and He is never ever late. He is right on time. The problem comes when He is not on our time. (I’m preachin’ to myself now!) Once we internalize the truth that His timing is impeccable, we can move on to opportunities we might miss if we don’t embrace waiting.

We can learn to rest both physically and spiritually. We can learn patience and self-control. We can spend time in faith-building, vision-launching prayer that without the wait, might not be built or launched. We can be seasoned with hope and anticipation and ultimately see God as the good father He is with a plan for us that is so much better than we could ever imagine.

Let me encourage you if you are waiting to bring a child home, for a foster care placement, for a child to return to you, or for an adoption to be finalized: just rest. “Be still and know that He is God”. Take time for yourself and your family; prepare your home and your lives for what He is about to do! Open up your heart and your mind to God’s plan for your family and trust Him. I promise you, you won’t be sorry!


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  1. Thankyou so much for writing this. It is so sweet and so true, and this very thing has been on my mind as fill out papers, get finger printed, and go down our check list. As we wait, I really need to be in tune with God and His will for our family and there is no other way to do this than by reading His Word and being continually in prayer.

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