Christmas is over…now what?

Great question. For kids in foster care who have been inundated with gifts this past week and are now back to where they started, it is a difficult one. And for those waiting on the permanence of a forever family, it gets even harder.

One of the volunteers who helped me with the Christmas party said it best after the party was over “I have to do more…this was just one day out of 365..I’m sure these kids wonder where we are on the other 364.” And she is right. The kids who are ‘veterans’ in the system have learned to cope- and unfortunately they’ve gotten comfortable with being disappointed.

My prayer for the new year is that I will find out of the box ways to let the need for adoptive and foster families be known, that I would be a voice for the kids who don’t have one, and that I can, by the grace of God, help the kids who are waiting today to be tightly tucked in their forever families by this time next year.

I know this would be a miracle. I know that statistically it doesn’t look plausible let alone doable. But I believe in a God of miracles who “places the lonely in families..” and to whom nothing is impossible.

Won’t you join me this year in praying that God will raise up families for the over 500 kids in my state and the close to 125,000 kids in the United States who need the one thing that to this point has eluded them…a family.

Now that’s a resolution.

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  1. thank you for this post. My new foster daughter, age 9, has just had her 2nd Christmas in foster care. We are her 3rd family. My heart breaks for the broken child within and yet my heart rejoices when I remember that I cannot heal her, but I know my God can. It is believing in God’s miracles that makes foster care possible for me.

    • Amen. On our knees for each of our precious children is the only way we can make it through these horrific and unjust situations! Thanks so much for your comment- praying for your little girl as I type!

      • Thank you for the post. As one of your volunteers stated she helped 1 day of 365 and needed to do more, I have been brainstorming what I can do with my high school students for the precious children waiting in our system. This is my goal/resolution for this year. What a great impact it could have on all of them! Prayers going to all of the children…I too believe it’s God’s miracles that allow me to be a foster mom :)I am blessed with this opportunity.

  2. So well written, and this has been on my mind a ton. Our foster sons had their first Christmas in care this year… they came to us just a few days before we began our celebrations. (we have like 5 Christmases!) They were lavished upon by so many.. and now… back to reality. It’s a hard thing! I’m thankful for everyone that wants to give to foster children over the holidays.. but I just want to scream out that giving toys is EASY. Giving yourself is what is hard.. and it’s what is so very needed.

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