“Sistah’s” need encouragement. My ‘middle mom’ sisters that is. I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that ordinary folks have no clue what it means to parent hurting children: children who have been taken from their families and unwittingly placed in the crazy world of foster care. Children who are needy, confused, frustrated, deprived, lonely, angry, and scared to death. Children who just need to be children-playful, carefree, loved, soothed, reassured and nurtured.

Parenting kids from the “hard places”, as Dr. Karen Purvis puts it, is exhausting and often times unexplainable… and it’s 24/7.

I talked with two foster moms today who are in the pit. They are tired; they have given and given and given. They don’t feel like they have any more to give or that anyone understands, and I understand that. I told Jeff tonight that somehow we need to get the word out to church families about how important it is to surround foster and adoptive families with love, encouragement and support. So- here are some ideas to encourage foster families….feel free to pass this along to anyone and everyone (secretly if you’re a foster/adoptive family that needs support! HA!)

1. Take a meal…it will be greatly appreciated.
2. Offer to babysit…much needed.
3. Buy an outfit or toy for the foster child just to show your support
4. Give the foster mom a personal gift or write a note of encouragement
5. Pray
6. Phone calls and hugs

Make a foster moms’ day, let her know that someone is noticing what she is doing and someone cares. It will mean more than you can know.

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  1. What a fantastic–and much needed post! It’s a great reminder that just because someone might not be called to foster a child in their home, they can still support the foster family, and in turn, answer God’s call to care for orphans.

    Thanks for the great reminder!

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