Toddlers and Triceps :)

There are lots of costs in fostering children, but there are also lots of benefits and blessings! I’ve found a new one since E has been in our home. Triceps. Yes, you read correctly, triceps. Don’t know that I have ever had them before, but after carrying around a 34.4 pound baby boy…I do now! It is hysterical! Now if I could just find a way to carry him on my abs 🙂

On a more serious note…we had a termination hearing today on E’s case. No decision was made- the judge has ‘taken it under advisement’ with a decision forthcoming in a couple (or a few) weeks. As is often the case there were surprises and missteps….but we are trusting the future of our little son to the hands of the One who never takes a misstep and to whom there are NO surprises!

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  1. Glad nothing has changed for E yet, praying for the Lord’s Will to be done!

  2. Many prayers going up for you guys concerning E!

    Love the triceps comments! lol My boys were BIG and oh my.. I had the best thighs and arms when they were babies b/c they loved to be bounced! Sadly.. I stopped bouncing when they got happier playing on their own.. and settled for sitting around on the floor with them. 😉

    Maury D. gave me your book today! (my b-day) and I cannot wait to read it! I’m sure it will be a blessing for our family as we prepare our home and hearts for what is to come.

  3. Praying for you all in the waiting, that God’s peace will abound in the uncertainty.

  4. Peeking in on you today. I gave back my first foster child today. A 13 year old whom I love. Ouch.
    Thanks for sharing, openly, your experiences.

  5. As a first time foster parent who was told that our sweet kiddos would never leave, I just don’t understand how the legal system works so strongly for bios but not for the children. Have never asked God, “Really???” until now. Thinking and praying for you and E, Dear One.

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