A different angle on The Middle Mom :)

When the Lord made it clear to me that I needed to complete and publish “The Middle Mom”, I really thought that the main reason was to just tell my story and pray that it would move other “regular” folks to become foster and/or adoptive parents. The Lord has used it in that way and for that I am so grateful. But over the course of the past few months, the scope of my vision has been expanded. I have received emails from foster parents in different states who all say the same thing…”it is so good to know that someone understands exactly how I feel….” Talk about humbling.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at a foster parent conference in another county. It was the first time that the audience I was speaking to was made up entirely of foster parents. I told them it was like “preaching to the choir”. Honestly, I wondered if I had anything to say to them that they didn’t already know. My desire was to encourage them and infuse them with a new zest for fostering. After I spoke, I got the opportunity to meet many of them. It was such a blessing to me and showed me that many of the emotional needs of foster parents are just not being met. It was a sweet time of unexplainable joy as well as shared hurts, and broken hearts.

Tomorrow night, I’m heading to another county to speak to their foster parents. Please pray that I will say just what they need to hear and they will be encouraged.

I think it would be interesting to do a survey as to what the unmet emotional needs of foster parents really are..any thoughts?

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  1. I know you will do great. You are always an encourager to everyone you talk to. I remember when you spoke on the panel in our foster training class, you words were very inspiring to me.

    I think what foster parents need the most is just to hear someone else say that what they do it SO important, that we are doing this as a calling for God, and to validate our feelings of hurt, loss, joy, and happiness…b/c it is so much a combinating of all those emotions and more.

    Love you friend, I know they will all be as bless to know you as I am!

  2. Hi! I’m from RI. We fostered 8 years ago and adopted the first one, so we stopped, until this past December. God’s made me to be passionate about rescuing and loving babies. Question: Do you feel it’s best not to know much about the situations of the child? The social workers don’t volunteer much, and I don’t ask. Also, this latest social worker said that she encourages her foster moms to be in touch with the birth mom–what’s your advice? Thanks in advance, Gina

  3. Though we’re just beginning our journey (first parenting class with DHS is tomorrow! Home visit done, paperwork done) I can already tell that one of my greatest needs will not be met – having a large support group of other foster parents. I have only two real life friends that have or do foster children, neither live in my city. (though one is fairly close) Just going through what we have in this process it feels pretty lonely. Not many can appreciate how this turns your life upside down pretty much from minute one…

  4. my favorite thing is when the social workers say foster parents get TOO attached…makes me want to scream

  5. Hi Christie,

    I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Wow – would you like to come to MN and speak to our group of foster parents? When my husband and I started this journey 11 months ago, I felt very alone. Then I was introduced to your book through the Tapestry website. I couldn’t believe it – your book was an answer to prayer! Of course, it would be such a blessing to have a few close friends who are foster parents, so we could share the journey. Although that hasn’t happened yet, God’s been so good in giving us the opportunity to connect through your blog. You have been such an encourager to all of us; you truly are a gift. I can’t wait to see how God is going to continue to use you in this ministry. Thank you, Christie! 🙂

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