Broken Things

This week I talked to an adoptive mom with a young RAD daughter; a daughter who abused this mom to the point she had bite marks and bruises all over her body. Another mom-fighting the daily battles of Fetal Alcohol and still another foster mom with a small child who had been burned on his face with an iron. In the news this week (in our city) a 19-year-old mom threw her 2-year-old son out of the drivers’ window of a moving car because she was mad at her boyfriend (the child is okay and in foster care) and still another young couple left their 6-month-old daughter in the car for 45 minutes in 32 degree weather while they went inside a convenience store to play video games. What? (She is now in foster care as well).

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about broken things.. broken lives. There is a line in a beautiful song called “Hallelujah” by Bethany Dillon that says “only You can see the good in broken things…” For some reason, I tear up every time I hear that line. As foster parents our job is to care for broken children, as well as to minister to their broken parents. This brokenness comes in many forms- little bodies broken by abuse, minds confused by abandonment, brains altered by in-utero alcohol and drugs, consciences confused by the lack of boundaries and the seeming equality of right and wrong. Brokenness results in hopelessness, despair, and surrender.

But, I have good news. As foster and adoptive parents we have the distinct honor of being part of the healing process! We are entrusted with the overwhelming job of bandaging the brokenness, of holding tight and spreading the much needed salve, both literally and physically, on the wounds inflicted by parents who are broken themselves.

So tonight, if you are wrestling with the stress and strain of a hurting child, rest assured you are not alone: the heavenly Father has commissioned you and will sustain you as you reach out with His hands and feet to complete the mission!

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  1. This is a fantastic post!! I need to bookmark it so that I can turn to it in the future as we receive our own broken children to try to heal.

    It’s so hard to imagine what causes any parent to be so horrible to their own children. I can only assume that somewhere down the line.. someone broke them, too.

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