No Justice for Kee Kee~

Justice. Justice is a word those of us in the foster care community hear often. We strive to make sure the children in our care get it. We long for their lives to be enriched and protected by it. We cling to it when there seems to be nothing else to cling to. We cry when the system fails and there is no hope in sight. Sometimes justice prevails and other times it crashes and burns and leaves everyone and everything in its wake.

That is where I am today. If you’ve read The Middle Mom, you know about Kee Kee (not her real name): the precious 22 month old who died as a result of child abuse. Well, as of last week the verdict is in: not guilty. Okay, now I am not saying that I have any idea who IS guilty of this crime, but here’s the thing….Kee Kee is dead. Her broken body is buried in an unmarked grave at the edge of a small group of other little graves. I saw the tiny white casket lowered into the ground myself as I carried the senselessness of the situation on my shoulders.

And now…no one is going to pay for the loss of this child, no one. It’s over: not guilty. It’s over. And yet, a beautiful little girl is dead; the promise and potential for a life of contribution to our world all died with her. Her life was valuable. It was precious. It was irreplaceable. Today I am crying out for Kee Kee. I don’t know what God wants me to do with this situation- but in my heart it is not over…no one may pay for her death, but everyone should know about her and celebrate her life.

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  1. I just got in on your blog so I don’t know the backstory to this, but whatever it is, this is just horrible.

    My husband is a State Trooper and we see these types of things more than most… and when justice prevails it is a beautiful thing. When it doesn’t, and often it seems it doesn’t, it is a heartbreaking, unfair, maddening event.

    To think of a sweet baby dying at someone’s hands and NO ONE paying the price… that’s just too much. Even if “we” never know.. God knows.

  2. My heart hurts with you, praying for God’s mercy and peace in the midst of this fallen world. And thanking Our Heavenly Father for the heart of love and service he has given you …. for so many like your dear Kee Kee.

  3. I just heard about your book and am about to order it. I am so excited to start following your blog.

    As for sweet KeeKee, rest assurred that there was justice. Christ’s death on the cross not only wiped out our own sins. His death was also brutal enough to bear the weight of sins against precious ones like KeeKee. There was great punishment for the sins against her. Was it towards those who did the wrong? No. But God heard her cries, and His heart broke so badly for her that He was willing to do anything for justice — even place the due punishment on Himself.

    I hope this can provide you with any comfort. I know your heart breaks.

  4. So sorry Christie.

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