Struggling with ADHD

I’ve realized this week that I have become much more guarded since I published “The Middle Mom”. I guess I feel that people are holding me at a higher standard because of the book. (NOT!) The book is my story- a transparent look at my life as a foster and adoptive parent, so why not continue that transparent discussion as it relates to current things? (I’m asking myself that question, not you guys!)

So, here I am. We have been having a very difficult time with Serenity. In all honesty, ADHD wears you out: it wears your entire family out. Dealing with impulsivity, increased noise level, disobedience, constant motion and focusing issues becomes an integral part of the make-up of your family. Serenity rarely tires out. She usually isn’t able to settle down to go to sleep until almost midnight and that is with me rocking her. That creates a vicious cycle: she takes a nap at school because she is tired, then she can’t go to sleep at night because she isn’t tired, then she is hard to get up in the morning…nap, etc.

I just got an email from her teacher about the fact that they are having a very difficult day. My heart is so HEAVY for my child. Please pray for wisdom for us and for a reprieve for her!

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  1. Dear Christie,
    As an “older” mom of a very active 5 year old I feel your fatigue:).Please count on my prayers. God did not call us to an easy task. Praise Him, He is strong when we are weak. I believe He uses these challenges to keep me humbled and crying out to Him.
    Remember you are my hero! Your life challenges me to want to serve Him more!!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Christie,
    I also have ADD (though I am not, nor ever have been hyperatcive). My family also struggled through, sometimes one day at a time. What meds do you all have her on…I know meds aren’t magic, but they are darn close! If your still having so much trouble I would tend to think her meds aren’t right, and need to be tweaked.
    Praying for her, and you guys!

  3. Girl…you don’t have to be strong, or brave…you just have to be you. And be real. And sometimes, just talking about it, and reaching out to others, gives you the encouragement, or even the release to help you deal with what you are doing. I don’t know one thing about ADHD. I do hear things in passing about stuff…and I am just wondering, I know you have mentioned medication, but is she in any therapy? I am wondering if she would benefit from Occupational Therapy, like they have recommended for Zach. I see things all the time, about helping them to “regulate” their bodies with a sensory diet. That would be certain types of foods, and also certain types of activities….such as sit and spin, or mini trampoline, “prescribed” physical activity, so their mind can focus better. I am still thinking about a weighted blanket for you. My friend says her daughter lays it across her legs during schoolwork and it calms her. I keep thinking of a lot of people that could benefit from one, I guess I need to just learn how to make them…you know, in my spare time 🙂

    Love you friend….you are the strongest person I know, and if you even just want to let it all out, please know I want to listen, and be here for you. You don’t have to be strong with me, you can just let it all out.

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