ADHD, shrill cries and fearful screams

I had to update my previous post from earlier today! Serenity ended up having a much better day-I got an email from her teacher with some encouraging words that were so great to hear! Another neat thing is that Serenity’s doctor (psychiatrist) called today. We had an appointment scheduled with him tomorrow that the office had to cancel and we needed a prescription refill, so he called HIMSELF to check on Serenity. I told him how timely his call was! 🙂 After talking, he decided that since we are on the lowest dose of her med, he would increase it and see if that made a difference. I was so thankful for his phone call and advice. We’re praying that this change will be at least part of the answer to our situation! 🙂

A funny thing happened this afternoon (okay, maybe only funny to a foster mom)- I was keeping baby M for Caryl while she went to court with baby TJ. Baby M is almost 8 months old and is failure to thrive. He is a tiny little thing with the biggest, most incredibly shrill cry! I mean it will pierce your ears! Conversely, my baby E doesn’t like loud and sudden noises. Put the two together and you get a recipe for chaos! 🙂 Anyway, I loaded the babies up and headed out to pick up Serenity. All of a sudden, M let out a blood-curdling cry and E responded with a terrified scream! I got them both settled, but this happened off and on ALL day long!!!! It was just a little levity in the midst of a stressful day! 🙂

Oh and thanks guys for the encouraging words!!

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  1. Christie-
    So glad the doctor called to “check in”. We go back on Feb 10th to the psychiatrist and I am hoping maybe we can get the ADHD med changed also. We would love to see you all sometime, and we hope everything gets settled soon for you.

    • Thanks so much Shannon! I know you understand our situation, because you are living it! 🙂 We need to get together soon- Serenity would love to see Marcus and Trenton! 🙂

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