Heartbreak in Haiti

I don’t know about you, but this has been a gut-wrenching week with the earthquake in Haiti. What an indescribable tragedy… I wanted to pass on a couple of blogs. The first is the blog of a new friend, Jamie Ivey, that I’ve corresponded with because of my book. She and her husband, Aaron, live in Austin, TX. They just returned from Haiti a couple of months ago with their daughter, Story, and still have a son, Amos, in Haiti that they are waiting on paperwork for. They found out that Amos is ok, just frightened. Aaron is a musician and is giving a benefit concert on Monday night- they have also produced some Help Haiti t-shirts that are available on Aaron’s website aaronivey.portmerch.com All profits go to Haiti! Jamie’s blog is dreamingbigdreams.net The other blog is from the home where Amos lives right now-it is haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com There are unbelievable pictures on this blog- along with information about what needs they have, etc.
Personally, I’m wondering if there is any way the Haitian government would allow kids to come to the US for foster care while they are regrouping….I’ve emailed Jamie to see if she has any ideas. It is just such a helpless feeling…I just want to DO something. We certainly can continue to pray and give…until we hear of something else we can do.

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  1. I was just reading on another friend’s blog about how she wished, for just this one time, the government could bypass all the red tape, and let these poor children please just come to the US and be with their new families. It is heartbreaking that families are here with safe homes waiting, and the conditions there are so hopeless right now. I am praying that SOMETHING can be done for these kids. The foster care in US is a great idea. It would get the kids safe..and give them time to work things out as to where they need to go. (like there is an abundance of foster homes that have room for them, huh? :)) I know you, me, and many others I am sure that would find a way to make room for them.

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