Hope Reigns

As I read back over some of my most recent blog posts- I realized that much of what I have written has been discouraging. In my quest to be open and transparent, there is sometimes not too much good news! But there are days when the good news is breathtaking, eye opening and vision fulfilling. Today was one of those days. I want to share an email that I received last night from a new friend of mine. She and her husband saw a picture of some children from our Heart Gallery and she emailed me to inquire about them. I gave her the information she needed and when I saw her again at the Disney Extravaganza, she and her husband were meeting them. Shortly thereafter, they were chosen by the adoption specialist as the forever family for these children. And last night, she sent me this update: (I’ve changed a few words to protect the privacy of these precious ones!)


I thought I would let you know that things are progressing well with the kids and they are definitely our forever children! We are having overnight visits with them, which are going so well…until we have to take them back. At that point they are so sad and it is a difficult process. But soon, that will be over and they will be in our home forever! In fact, H asked me this weekend if “after I am big can I still live with you?” We,of course, said he could live with us forever!!! He then said, “mom, you are the best mom I have ever had!” While it warmed my heart to hear him say this, I was also deeply saddened to think that this – year old has had to call so many women mom in his short life. It is not the way family was intended to be. But God consistently reminds me in those moments that my children were HIS far before they ever called me mom. Christie, this process has changed our lives in so many ways. God is so faithful. It is not a process for the faint of heart, but God in His goodness and timing sees you through when you walk in obedience.

Last night as we were dropping the kids back off at their foster home after a fantastic weekend with them, they were all very upset and begging us to take them with us. We explained many times that we would be seeing them soon, etc. In that process, H said, “mom I miss you so much when you are gone. Can I have something to think of you when I am sad?” I reached down and took off my Project Zero bracelet (1+1=0) and placed it on his wrist. For a moment, he stopped crying and said, “thanks mom you are the best. I can always think of you now.” And as I left, I too wept for my children…for this process…But I also wept with the joy of knowing the hope of our future…They will no longer be statistics. They will be home forever…”

Wow. My eyes teared, I held my breath and my heart was so full, as I heard firsthand the life change that is happening in this precious new family.  Once again I stood in awe of a heavenly Father who so beautifully, with great purpose and intent, brings parents and kids together in a way that only He can. I am so grateful for the passionate way this family pursued adoption and for the way they are already loving their children well. What an incredible gift to get to be a tiny part of the story!

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  1. Christie, Please never feel sheepish for your posts that convey your heavy heart for the reality of so many adoptable children going without families! This awareness needs to be shared and I believe God gives us powerful voices for a purpose like this one! And it was amazing to read this post and recognize that in the midst of all the ugliness and heartache, God is writing a different story. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Jillana!! I certainly never want to be a hindrance to someone beginning or continuing the process to foster or adopt, but I do believe it is critical for the body of Christ to hear the need and to be moved to action. I appreciate your affirming words so much!!!
      Love and blessings,
      Christie :)

  2. Wow!!! What a ministry!

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  3. Your love for the Lord and for the children and for this ministry ALWAYS shines through!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband and I just finished our Pride training in NWA and sent in all of our paperwork. Because I am a teacher, I have the summers off and have been putting lots of love into preparing a room in our home for children. We are so excited that the heart gallery is expanding. We often look at their pictures and pray for them, wondering if one (or more) of their sweet faces will one day call us mom and dad. The path you have cleared for families in Arkansas to care for our orphans does not go unnoticed!

  5. I just found your blog and I’m excited to follow. We are foster parents of two amazing little girls and bio parents to one awesome son. We are hoping to adopt our girls as well as another son. As you know, the process with foster care is tedious! It’s always nice to find inspirational blogs to help us stay focused on the end goal… a lifetime of happiness with our forever family.

  6. Wow! Grateful God is at work to protect these children and enlarge our hearts!

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